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Women's Tantra and Yoni Egg Workshop Level One


This is an introduction to Tantra, the integration of sexuality and spirituality joined with a jade Yoni egg practice.  This practice was initially used by ancient Taoists to cultivate feminine sexual energy.  We will learn paths to connect to spirit, profound healing and pleasure through our deepest essence, our sexual energy.  We reclaim our birthright to our authentic power, deep love, and acceptance of ourselves.  We will begin to explore Divine Feminine sexual healing and you will experience the power of feminine healing through your sisters in the workshop.  

This workshop is designed to help you:

  • Have the best, most meaningful sex of your life now, with or without a partner
  • Awaken pathways to greater sexual pleasure and spiritual connection.
  • Experience pleasure as a path to healing
  • Find God/Goddess and enlightenment through sexual energy
  • Open and awaken the chakras and endocrine system through genital reflexology, enlightened anatomy of arousal, Yoni egg practice and breast massage.
  • Embrace your sexual wholeness and authentic power
  • Bring back the "honeymoon" experience with your partner
  • Break through and heal patriarchal patterns and conditioning which affect your sexual identity 
  • Reclaim your birthright of sexual pleasure and power.