Tantra For Women Weekend Workshop -
Awakening The Goddess Within Level 1 Class


This is a deep immersion into your sexuality and spirituality, an opportunity to reclaim your birthright of sexual pleasure, fulfillment, and power....be danced by your inner goddess in your unique expression of sacred pleasure and enlightenment. Explore, cultivate and celebrate the depths of your magical sensuality and life energy in a loving supportive sacred circle of your sister goddesses. We will learn paths to connect to spirit, profound healing and pleasure through our deepest essence, our sexual energy. We reclaim our authentic power, deep love, and acceptance of ourselves.

We will explore Divine Feminine sexual healing and you will experience the power of feminine healing through your sisters in the workshop.

This workshop is designed to help you:

  • Have the best, most meaningful sex of your life now, with or without a partner

  • Awaken pathways to greater sexual pleasure and spiritual connection.

  • Experience pleasure as a path to healing

  • Find God/Goddess and enlightenment through sexual energy

  • Open and awaken the chakras and endocrine system through genital reflexology, the enlightened anatomy of arousal, Taoist Jade Yoni egg practice and breast massage.

  • Embrace your sexual wholeness and authentic power

  • Bring back the "honeymoon" experience with your partner

  • Breakthrough and heal patriarchal patterns and conditioning which affect your sexual identity. Reclaim your birthright of sexual pleasure and power.

  • Fully embody your sexual essence, Release blocks to the deep connection to yourself and your partners Experience the power of your authentic sexual self for healing, creativity and full self-realization in all of your relationships and your sacred work.

  • Open the connection between our hearts and sexual organs, and integrate the masculine and feminine aspects of our true selves.

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Saturday, December 8th & Sunday, December 9th. 10am-6pm both days.


Both days of the weekend healing intensive will be held at Town and Mountain Training Center also known as Asheville Training Center in beautiful downtown Asheville, North Carolina.

$297 Early bird price extended- indefinitely!


Introductory Level

This workshop is the introductory level to the Awakening the Goddess Spring 2019 Immersion Program for deep sexual healing. This is a prerequisite to an advanced 2-day intensive healing workshop in which we experience deep goddess healing sessions-this healing process includes a healing ritual in groups of three women in and our roles are similar to those in the birth process-one woman receives the healing, "giving birth" to her awakened sexuality, one is the "midwife" facilitating the process and a third woman has the role of the "doula", supporting both sisters in this deeply transformational healing and reawakening of her most sacred self.

This program is open to all who identify as women, with vaginas, of all sexual orientations. This intimate healing circle is limited to 18 participants, sign up today to reserve your spot!

About the Instructor


Debora D. Meitz, MD earned her medical degree at the University of Miami School of Medicine. After practicing medicine in Key West for many years, she relocated to Asheville, NC.  Dr. Debbie specialized in women's health and alternative medicine as a family physician. She also studied meditation, spirituality, sacred sexuality and the practices of tantra.  Dr. Debbie has studied with teachers from around the world including Tao Master Mantak Chia.

She is an Advanced Certified Tantra educator, Tao Sexual Energy educator and Universal Healing Tao Medical QiGong instructor.

For additional information please email us at: deborameitzmd@tantradoctor.com or call 305-731-6776

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