Introduction to Tantra

Tantra yoga is the integration of sexuality and spirituality.  It is a sacred, loving and honoring practice and way of life. The term Tantra yoga is from the Sanskrit language, meaning the expansive weaving and union of energy bodies.  In tantric practice we weave together the masculine and feminine parts of ourselves and with those aspects of a beloved partner.  We weave the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine aspect of ourselves, as we do our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.  


Tantra was developed approximately 5000 years ago in both pre-Hindu India and by  Taoists in ancient China.  While both cultures had some different interpretations and emphasized different aspects of Tantra, these models blend together beautifully and have valuable application to transform our consciousness and give us an experience of our deep connection to heaven and earth, the deepest parts of ourselves, and the deepest parts of our beloved partners.  Through tantric practices we are able to not only heal our sexuality, but also change our spiritual consciousness.  In Tantra yoga practices sexual energy is a powerful healing modality and is used for healing the mind, emotions, body, and spirit.  Ancient and modern Tantra practitioners consider sexual energy to be spiritual energy, the fuel of enlightenment.  Although very powerful in its own right, the sexual pleasure is actually viewed as a secondary benefit to the healing received  through loving consciousness in tantric practice and lovemaking.

Ancient Tantrikas considered sexuality and the sexual organs to be sacred.  The Sanskrit name for a woman's genital organs is "Yoni" which means "sacred temple", Male genitalia is called the "Lingam" which means "wand of light".  Each partner holds their beloved in a place of love and honor. The sexual practices of tantrikas bring enlightenment, vitality, longevity, happiness, and inner harmony and spiritual enlightenment.  Tantra yoga awakens and enlivens us and has the potential to transform the world, one person at a time.