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The Tantra Doctor

Awakening the Sacred Sexual Goddess Within

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Tao Tantra Retreat



  • Learn to cultivate the power of arousal and orgasmic energy for health, improved energy and longevity.

  • Strengthen intimacy and intimate relationships.

  • Erectile Dysfunction (ED) correction techniques.

  • Jade Egg kegel exercises - all women need a Jade Egg (guys should know this!).

  • Men and women learn why breast massage could prevent breast cancer, balance hormones, diminish menstrual cramps and see exactly how to perform it.

  • Learn about Master Mantak Chia’s Universal Healing Tao sexual energy practices

  • Explore the secrets of The Multi-Orgasmic Man.

  • Explore the secrets of The Multi-Orgasmic Woman.

Integrate classic Tantra and Taoist practices and learn to use your essential energy for improved health, vitality and longevity. Explore the blending of the heart with your innate masculine and feminine energies for improved intimate and interpersonal relationships.

Taoists in China have known for thousands of years that cultivating the minds’ ability to harness, transform, move and store energy (Qi or Chi) is essential for optimal health, longevity and happiness.  Thus the art of QiGong (energy work) was born.

Near by in India the Tantric yogi’s discovered that human emotion, indeed thought in general, generate life-giving energy.  Raising positive, loving thoughts proved to be an elixir for health and vitality.

In more recent times, Taoists and Tantric masters discovered that the two philosophies compliment each other and create a cleaner, clearer path to self-mastery.  Dr. Debbie Meitz and Sarina Stone invite you to experience this transformational, mind expanding reality and prove to yourself that you are capable of great love, great health and great passion for life.

Dr. Deborah Meitz and Sarina Stone met at the Universal Healing Tao training facility in Chiang Mai, Thailand. During an interview for Tao Grandmaster Mantak Chia’s podcast of which Sarina is the host, the ladies became instant friends and respected colleagues. Dr. Meitz, also a Universal Healing Tao educator, has deeper experience and knowledge in the Indian philosophy of Tantra and is the perfect compliment to the advanced knowledge Sarina Stone carries in Taoist Sexual Energy QiGong practices for health and longevity.  Like Master Mantak Chia, these two educators enjoy demystifying ancient Chinese secrets and explaining why Medical QiGong and Tantra Energy Work causes real and powerful change in human cells. Both women understand why Taoist and Tantra sexual energy practices have grown so popular during this time where science meets mysticism and want to share this powerful information.

Courses with these ladies are fun, educational and could change how you experience your life and your body.

About the Retreat Facility


The course is held at the beautiful 54-acre mountain retreat center in Asheville, North Carolina and allows you to immerse yourself in nature.  During your visit you have the opportunity to experience cell phone free common areas, access the wellness center, hike the woodland trail, enjoy the gardens and waterfall within a nurturing, supportive community.

For more information and accommodation reservations visit or call 1-828-252-7313

Accommodations are handled by Om Sanctuary exclusively and are separate from your tuition.

Reserve your space now!

Hurricane Discount! Now Only $300 Per Person!

*Unfortunately, many of our participants have been affected by the recent hurricanes and we've received a block if cancellations.  Since Tantra is all about love and compassion, we have decided on a compassionate response.  We are now offering a Category 5 discount, and the new tuition is $300 per person on a first come, first served basis!

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About the Instructors


Debora D. Meitz, MD earned her medical degree at the University of Miami School of Medicine. After practicing medicine in Key West for many years, she relocated to Asheville, NC.  Dr. Debbie specialized in women's health and alternative medicine as a family physician. She also studied meditation, spirituality, sacred sexuality and the practices of tantra.  Dr. Debbie has studied with teachers from around the world including Tao Master Mantak Chia.

She is an Advanced Certified Tantra educator, Tao Sexual Energy educator and Universal Healing Tao Medical QiGong instructor.


Sarina Stone is an internationally renowned, certified Universal Healing Tao Medical QiGong and Chi Nei Tsang (detoxifying/energizing abdominal massage) educator. She is considered one of the top Tao Natural Health educators in the world and is best known for developing online courses geared toward radiant health, longevity, emotional balance and personal success.

She carries multiple certifications as an educator and practitioner of Medical Qigong under the direct supervision of Taoist Master, Mantak Chia, director of Universal Healing Tao Institute.

For more information:

Hurricane Discount! Price Dropped To Only $300!

*Unfortunately, many of our participants have been affected by the recent hurricanes and we've received a block if cancellations.  Since Tantra is all about love and compassion, we have decided on a compassionate response.  We are now offering a Category 5 discount, and the new tuition is $300 per person on a first come, first served basis!

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Important Note from Serina:

The weekend of our retreat is the busiest tourism weekend of the year.  Tree’s are changing color, the air is crisp and the hotels are full.

Dr. Debbie and I have reserved 10 accommodation rooms at the Om Retreat Center for our group.  Call the center immediately after you book your course and tell them you are with us.  First come, first serve.  Dr. Debbie can help you get in touch with others who may want to share accommodations, no promises, but she will reach out on your behalf.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to reserve your room and rent your car early.

Introduction to Tantra

Tantra yoga is the integration of sexuality and spirituality.  It is a sacred, loving and honoring practice and way of life. The term Tantra yoga is from the Sanskrit language, meaning the expansive weaving and union of energy bodies.  In tantric practice we weave together the masculine and feminine parts of ourselves and with those aspects of a beloved partner.  We weave the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine aspect of ourselves, as we do our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies.  

Tantra was developed approximately 5000 years ago in both pre-Hindu India and by  Taoists in ancient China.  While both cultures had some different interpretations and emphasized different aspects of Tantra, these models blend together beautifully and have valuable application to transform our consciousness and give us an experience of our deep connection to heaven and earth, the deepest parts of ourselves, and the deepest parts of our beloved partners.  Through tantric practices we are able to not only heal our sexuality, but also change our spiritual consciousness.  In Tantra yoga practices sexual energy is a powerful healing modality and is used for healing the mind, emotions, body, and spirit.  Ancient and modern Tantra practitioners consider sexual energy to be spiritual energy, the fuel of enlightenment.  Although very powerful in its own right, the sexual pleasure is actually viewed as a secondary benefit to the healing received  through loving consciousness in tantric practice and lovemaking.

Ancient Tantrikas considered sexuality and the sexual organs to be sacred.  The Sanskrit name for a woman's genital organs is "Yoni" which means "sacred temple", Male genitalia is called the "Lingam" which means "wand of light".  Each partner holds their beloved in a place of love and honor. The sexual practices of tantrikas bring enlightenment, vitality, longevity, happiness, and inner harmony and spiritual enlightenment.  Tantra yoga awakens and enlivens us and has the potential to transform the world, one person at a time.


Tantra for Couples

“Tantra is the science of transforming
ordinary lovers into soul mates.
And that is the grandeur of Tantra.
It can transform the whole earth;
it can transform each couple into soul mates.”

- Osho


Upcoming Tantra Workshops - Asheville NC



This is an introduction to Tantra, the integration of sexuality and spirituality joined with a jade Yoni egg practice.  This practice was initially used by ancient Taoists to cultivate feminine sexual energy.  We will learn paths to connect to spirit, profound healing and pleasure through our deepest essence, our sexual energy.  We reclaim our birthright to our authentic power, deep love, and acceptance of ourselves.  We will begin to explore Divine Feminine sexual healing and you will experience the power of feminine healing through your sisters in the workshop.  

Women's Tantra and Yoni Egg Workshop Level Two

In this workshop we take the foundational practices in Level One and use these to reach profound states of healing, consciousness, pleasure and inner peace.  We establish a connection with the deepest parts of ourselves and bring this to our relationships with others, including our sisters in the workshop and ultimately into all of our relationships.  In a space of sacred trust and respect, we facilitate our own and each other's healing process.  We will open our sacred sexual energies, identify and release blocks to our full experience and expression of our authentic sexual power and pleasure.  These blocks may include societal conditioning, memories (conscious and unconscious) of past experience including trauma, issues in intimate relationships,  families of origin, and unhealthy use of power.  We heal these blocks to reclaim the birthright of our authentic sexual identities, pleasure, power, and freedom


In this workshop we open the energy channels within our individual selves and between partners.

We will explore pathways to connect on the levels of mind, body, emotion, and spirit through the vehicle of sexual energy.We will expand our capacity for love, connection, healing, expanded pleasure and spiritual enlightenment.